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Cersanit Pure Silver Protect collection

The bathroom is the room in which hygiene is essential. It determines your safety and feeling of comfort, so is much needed for daily care and pleasant relaxation. Therefore, we developed solutions that facilitate maintaining cleanliness at the highest level. One of them is the Cersanit Pure Silver Protect bathroom series.

Cersanit Pure Silver Protect collection

The Pure Silver Protect bathroom collection is equipped with efficient anti-bacterial protection, constituted by the active ingredient named Silverit. The silver ions contained in the glaze inhibit the growth of harmful microbes, resulting in a 99% prevention of their dangerously quick multiplication. The efficiency of this solution is significantly higher than of commonly used bactericides. Thus, bacteria, fungi and other microbes will no longer be any danger and your bathroom will provide comfort and safety you expect for your relatives, especially children.

Silverit is a user and environmentally friendly solution. Undoubtedly, the advantage of this technology is its efficiency. The active ingredient, Silverit, is not subject to consumption. And since silver ions remain active for as long as 25 years, the bathroom will be perfectly clean for a long time.

Caring for your and your relatives’ safety

By caring for cleanliness in the bathroom, you really care for the health of your relatives. By remembering the principles of hygiene of this room, you reduce the danger caused by microbial growth.

Research conducted by American scientists proved that the shower can be a habitat of Myctobacterium avium bacteria, which cause lung diseases. They reside on the shower head and are sprayed after opening the tap. So, scientists recommend metal shower heads, which host fewer pathogens. Furthermore, they suggest waiting a minute between opening the tap and directing water onto your body. Bacteria living in the toilet pan that spread to the entire bathroom are equally dangerous. When you flush the toilet, microbes are sprayed to a height of up to 1.5 metres and when they fall, they sit on bathroom accessories – towels, the soap, toothbrushes and tooth paste. Thus, it is particularly risky to place the washbasin by the toilet. Therefore, instead of placing accessories in storage areas and on shelves, it is safer to store them in a cabinet, behind a closed door.

To help you to maintain hygiene in the room that your entire family uses on a daily basis, we deliver solutions based on anti-bacterial technologies.

Bathroom for every allergy sufferer

The bathroom, like no other room, is exposed to moisture. Taking a shower, taking a bath, doing the laundry and drying clothes – all of it contributes to a high level of moisture in the air. And, unfortunately, even ventilation cannot prevent it. As a result, water condenses on virtually every surface. The mirror is covered in steam, while tile, furniture and equipment surfaces become just wet. While you can wipe them dry, it is much more difficult to prevent moisture penetration into painted surfaces.

A humid environment and the high temperature that we usually maintain in the bathroom favour the growth of mould and mites. This phenomenon is intensified by the lack of room ventilation, when there is no window. In turn, mould is not merely an aesthetic problem, in the form of a stubborn grey stain (fungus) in joints or corners of the wall and ceiling. It is also dangerous for your health; allergy sufferers, in particular, are exposed. It has a negative impact on the respiratory system and may cause asthmatic symptoms.

Comprehensive anti-bacterial protection in the bathroom

To be free from bacteria, the bathroom requires comprehensive protection. It is delivered by the Cersanit Pure Silver Protect series, which is easy to keep clean without using chemicals. It consists of a complete set of bathroom ceramics, namely a washbasin available in five sizes, a wall hung bowl, a WC compact and a bidet. The series also includes a collection of furniture.

By using the active ingredient, Silverit, in the ceramics, we reduced microbial growth to the minimum. Thus, we eliminated the risk of the microbes spreading onto furniture and other surfaces, including bathroom accessories. With this efficient, comprehensive anti-bacterial protection, using the bathroom will be comfortable, pleasant and, above all, safer than ever.

To reduce the risk of mould and prevent the growth of fungi and mites, set the temperature at 24 degrees and keep the bathroom ventilated if it has a window. It is also important to supply the room with proper equipment, which consists of:

  • heating – it is best to use flat radiators that are easy to keep clean, underfloor heating causes floating dust,
  • tiles – allergy sufferers are recommended to use smooth surface tiles, because dust collects in recesses,
  • shower cabin – well-shaped, with a smooth texture to prevent water retention in the shower base, easy to keep clean and without nickel-plated or metal components,
  • plasterwork – only smooth surface plasterwork; textured plaster, as well as waterproof vinyl wallpapers are not recommended,
  • painting – coat the walls and the ceiling with matt water paints, it is recommended to use paints for allergy sufferers for high humidity rooms,
  • rugs – not recommended, because they collect dust and microbes.

To ensure safe and comfortable use of the bathroom, it is necessary to maintain hygienic conditions there. Regular bathroom cleaning requires a thorough cleaning of surfaces. Special bactericides and fungicides are helpful, as they eliminate all microbes, while being completely safe for allergy sufferers.

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